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Machine that processes soil compressed in bales

Vertical Big Bale




  • Machine that processes soil compressed in bales with a vertical rising and a horizontal scraping movement.
  • Homogeneity of the soil
  • High capacity
  • Space saving design
  • High safety for the operator
  • Less maintenance
  • One look is enough to understand that the Vertical Big Bale is an innovative machine with respect to what proposes the market.
  • The difference is not only in its design, but also in its quality, homogeneity and uniformity of the processed peat that is not enfeebled.



  • Mod. 2000: 1200 x 1200 x h2000 mm bale dimension.
  • Mod. 2400: 1200 x 1200 x h2400 mm bale dimension.
  • Mod. 2600: 1200 x 1200 x h2600 mm bale dimension.
  • Mod. 2900: 1200 x 1200 x h2900 mm bale dimension.
  • Any outstanding or bending parts ensure maximum safety for the operator.
  • Automatic chain tensioners.
  • The machine is completely controlled by a PLC and the functions are shown on display.
  • Lifting control with frequency driver, which allows a medium speed of drawing near, a minimum speed of precessing and a rapid come back to the loading position.
  • Excellent homogeneity and smothness of the processed soil, due to the combination of the rising up of the horizontal scraping.
  • No enfeeblement of the soil due to the horizontal scraping that acts like a rake.
  • The bale, closed inside the machine, keeps the right humidity also during the rest periods.
  • Optical sensor for an automatic control of the loading level.
  • Outside indicator of the level of the bale that is being processed.
  • Galvanised and/or painted frame with epoxy primer and powder.
  • Production adjustable up to 4 big bales per hour.
  • Installed power 3 KW 3 PH 230V/400V 50/60Hz.
  • Weight 1500 kg.



  • Reductions for euro pallet.
  • Watering system.
  • Fertilizer dispenser.
  • 230 1 PH 3KW Version.
  • Conveyor belt to supply automatically two hoppers.
  • Frame with fork pockets.





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