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Production up to 35.000 plants/hour

Wireless transplanter with continuous planting using up to 36 fingers for transplanting on a max working width to 2100 mm.
First machine on the market with singularly motorized fingers without cables, to ensure less maintenance, and more flexibility with every kind of trays on the market.




  • Singulary motorized wireless finger.
  • 8,4” colour touch-screen.
  • Programmable directly from the terminal.
  • Every disposition of the plants in the trays.
  • Self-diagnostics shown on terminal.
  • Function of side source.
  • Removable fingers with interaxis min. 31 mm.
  • One command for finger opening/closing.
  • Tray width max. 600 mm.
  • Accumulation belt.
  • Production fingers: 1000 cycles/hour.
  • Installed power 2 KW 400V 3PH 50/60/Hz.
  • Air consumption 80 l/min.
  • Weight: Kg 960.



Examples of programming on the board with a colour touch screen system and an innovative graphic software for the operator easy to use.



  • Thermoformed tray block in the source.
  • Exit conveyor belts.
  • End rollers.
  • Tray holding racks.
  • Device to transplant into single pots.
  • Laser for polystyrene trays.
  • Finger with int. 41 mm for big cells.





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