RT 12 – Trayfiller for transplanting

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Production up to 600 trays/hour


  • The falling system of the soil is electronically batched and controlled: this turns to a machine versatile and suitable to be used with light and heavy trays (pots and punnets).
  • Built to satisfy the need of the best filling: every cell is filled with the same quantity and compaction of soil, so to ensure the uniform growth of the small plant.



  • Production given by the length of the tray and the fix speed of 5,5 m/min of the advancement belt.
  • Soil hopper 700 l with agitator.
  • Soil elevator with cups-system and double chain.
  • Batching soil with electronically adjustable load.
  • Oscillating scraper and tray cleaning brush.
  • Complete recycling of the exceeding soil.
  • Electric control panel start-stop, emergency and limit-switch.
  • Tray dimension max:
    RT 12: 600x400xh220 mm
    RT 12 E: 750x500xh220 mm
  • Installed power 4 KW 3 F 400 V 50/60 Hz.
  • Weight 790 Kg.



  • Electronically adjustable production from 200 to 800 trays/hour.
  • Denester for EPS polystyrene trays.
  • Denester for PE thermoformed trays.
  • Denester for PP injection trays.
  • Soil compactor.
  • Soil hopper 1050 l.
  • Advancement belt with adjustable speed.
  • Fixed plate table at the outlet.
  • Acceleration belt in exit.
  • Motorised rollerbelt with 4 wheel row at the output.
  • Device for soil emptying.




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