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LAV 10 – Tray washer with U.V.A. lamp disinfection system

Tray washer LAV 10 Urbinati washing line with U.V.A. lamp disinfection system Suitable for the washing and rinsing of the trays which are carried in vertical position on a belt. The machine can be connected to a disinfecting unit.

Automatic seeding line for forest seeds

The video shows how to sow easily by a Urbinati seeding line Beta65 with automatic soil loading by Vertical Big Bale loader. The sowing accuracy is the highest and the reduction of labour cost is extreme. Sowing production is up to 800 trays/H

Case history: Special seeding line for reduced space and 2 different kinds of soil

Customer’s request A complete line to label, sow and transplant in a reduced space, using two different kind of soil. Problem To dispose the line only in length, giving the customer the possibility of transplanting and/or sowing according to his needs. Solution Modifying a ND denester complete with three types of labelling machines EZS, EZC […]

Case history: Sow acorns

A customer needs to fill in trays of 200mm height, staggered and then sow acorns

Case history: To manure and/or to deal plants in greenhouse

To manure and/or to deal plants in greenhouse, without the aid of staff, but with the guarantee of the result.

Case history: Transplant geranium plants

A customer wants to transplant geranium plants.

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